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When thinking about the best restaurants Melbourne, Cecconi’s Flinders Lane should be at the front of your mind. Cecconi’s has carved out a niche for itself by never making a promise it can’t keep. For us it all starts with a welcoming smile then details such as linen tablecloths and good stemware set a grown-up tone that’s maintained throughout. And the food? Expect reliably good, modern Italian food such as caramelised scallops with a rich cauliflower cream.

Running some of the best restaurants Melbourne is something that comes naturally to The Bortolotto family having been part of the Melbourne hospitality industry for the past 40 years. Opened in 2006 on Flinders Lane, Cecconi’s is the summation of the lessons learned and the wisdom from the rich hospitality history. Read more about the Bortolotto family over at The Weekend Switzer.

For a restaurant to be considered in the best, the food has to be of the highest quality. It is for this reason that Cecconi’s grows its own seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs such as figs, eggplants and garlic to help create dishes such as the signature seafood linguine, veal cotoletta with slaw and twice-cooked duck with caramelised black figs and walnuts.

The dining space emphasises bold blacks, clean whites and patented brass. The room flows effortlessly from the casual cellar bar into the formal dining room, with the theme following right through to the kitchenware and menus.

Tables are whitewashed and copper trimmed, while a commemorative wall display of photos celebrates the history of the Bortolotto family. Copper sconces adorn the walls and striking, low-hanging hemispherical light pendants define each room.

Banquettes and black bentwood chairs make for an inviting place to sit and take in the sophisticated ambience with a half bottle of Italian wine, or a cocktail for any mood

Best Restaurant Melbourne