Dry Ageing of Meat

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At Cecconi’s we take pride in using regional and seasonal ingredients, ensuring that our customers receive an authentic Italian experience.

Here at Cecconi’s we have a team of hard-working, food loving individuals. Their stories of food, drinks, travel, love and family all play a major role in the restaurant’s sustainable food creation.

This is why we provide a range of dry aged meat, a dining experience which you’ll struggle to forget!

What is dry aged meat?

Traditionally, dry ageing meat is process whereby beef carcasses are stored without protective packaging at refrigeration temperatures, anywhere from several weeks to several months before being trimmed and cut into appetizing steaks.

Not only this, but the dry ageing process helps to develop the flavours and enhance tenderness. The taste of dry aged beef is uniquely exquisite compared to fresh beef.

Here at Cecconi’s, we age our meat for 35 days, so we can ensure our meat is perfectly tender and juicy by the time it reaches your plate!

Why dry age meat?

Dry aged meat generally benefits from not being cooked past medium rare/medium, ensuring that each cut’s flavor is preserved.

Larger cuts do require a longer cooking time to sustain the supple flavor.

Here at Cecconi’s we provide rib eye on the bone, t-bone, sirloin and scotch fillet steaks as dry aged cuts.

Have you tried any of the dry aged cuts at Cecconi’s?

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