At Cecconi’s we believe and practice sustainability.banksia imagesWinner Agriculture and food award Paddock to Plate

Sustainability has been promoted extensively to internal stakeholders. For Cecconi’s staff, sustainability is at the core of all restaurant operations and all staff play a role in identifying issues and solutions. A level of dialogue that maintains an ongoing positive attitude to sustainability has been established.

Suppliers are also seen as part of the team with collaborative efforts to minimise packaging and waste generation in the first instance.

Engagement with external stakeholders and the community has been high and very effective in communicating Cecconi’s sustainable initiatives. From a local level, amongst residents who see a cleaner public laneway at the back of the restaurant with less truck movements for waste collection, to restaurant industry peers at the City Harvest launch, the message of waste reduction and commitment to sustainability is being communicated loud and clear.

Cecconi’s has partnered with other organisations in various capacities in relation to sustainability,  including Banksia.

Cecconi’s has collaborated closely with Closed Loop to develop and deliver the onsite composting program, promote the City Harvest project, and to communicate the benefits of their sustainable initiatives to the restaurant industry.

Melbourne City Council – Presented their story to the Economic Development and Environment Network (EDEN) forum 27th August 2013.

Melbourne University – Students from Melbourne University are trialling Cecconi’s compost to determine the use of soil conditioner at various stages of horticulture and agriculture. An additional long-term socio-economic benefit analysis is also being undertaken by post-graduate students in the soil sciences; this focuses on onsite organics processing and the associated reduction in landfill, waste collections and so on.

Bentleigh West Primary School – Establishment of a kitchen garden program to educate students on composting and growing and cooking with healthy food (see attachment 4).

Rainers Free Range Egg Farm, Surf Coast Shire, Wharfside Woodwork – Cecconi’s is working with these organisations to develop compost ready for immediate application to soil.

We continue to use the soil conditioner in gardens around Melbourne and surrounds.

We donate to gardeners.

Head forward to 2019 and there is much more happening at the restaurant they are preparing an audit of the processes in place at Cecconis’