To place an order please call 03 8663 0500 between 12pm and 9pm or click the following link.

Also available – Cocktails – Wine – Beer

Food boxes available please inquire 03 86630500 starting from $100 each  (preorder 24hours notice applies)

Pick up and delivery available

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday 12pm to 9pm 

Saturday 5pm to 9pm

Sunday closed


Crispy fried calamari, aioli, lemon  $18

Salumi, mixed cured meat selection  $20

Mushroom and truffle arancini, fontina cheese, aioli  $12

House marinated mixed olives  $6

House baked focaccia  $6


Pappardelle, beef and pork ragu, red wine, tomato  $24

House-made tagliatelle, napoli, bisque, prawns, basil. $30

Potato Gnocchi, duck, mixed mushrooms   $28

Agnolotti del plin, sage and butter sauce  $26

Risotto, porcini mushrooms  $26

===========I SECONDI==========

Veal cotoletta , apple and cabbage coleslaw  $35

Braised wagyu brisket, red wine jus   $30

Barramundi al cartoccio, cherry tomatoes, capers, basil, lemon   $30

==========CONTORNI E INSALATA==========

Triple cooked house chips    $8

Smashed potato   $8

Peas salad, brussels, spinach, bacon, parmesan  $10


Tiramisu – sponge soaked in kahlua, strega, coffee, mascarpone cheese $10

Cannoli, pistachio and ricotta cream (serving of 3) $14

Biscotti  $8


Margarita by 3      $30

Tequila, triple sec, lime juice

Classic Negroni by 2    $25

Tanqueray gin, campari, cinzano rosso, orange peel

White Negroni by 2     $25

Tanqueray gin, montenegro, lillet blanc, lemon peel

Malfy Spritz by 4    $40

Malfy gin, aperol, pink grapefruit juice, lemon juice