Fresh Pasta at Cecconi’s

When most people think of Italian food, they think of pasta- and rightfully so! Most historical findings coin Italy as the birthplace of this all-round delicious wheat-based dish that has offered comfort, satiety and delicious taste to the world since its antiquity. 

At Cecconi’s it’s no secret that we love this classic, hearty and versatile dish.  That is why we insist on producing our pasta in-house on a daily basis to ensure the best quality and most traditional Italian dining experience possible!

Let’s take a look at our perfected pasta making process!

The best food is made from the finest ingredients, a sentiment we uphold in every corner and facet of our Cecconi’s kitchen.  Sourced from only the best producers and manufacturers, the ingredients that go into our fresh handmade pasta are as important as the finished dish. Consisting of three different grain varieties including wheat, durum and wholegrain, we source from only one carefully selected supplier, Molino Pasini, a high-end flour maker in Italy.

Free range certified eggs from Burd Eggs; an Australian supplier are added to the recipe to maintain the traditional flavour and texture our Italian ancestors coveted centuries ago. Unlike dried, store bought varieties, adding eggs to the fresh pasta recipe provides not only a rich colour, but a robust flavour and heartiness to the dish that really allows the pasta to shine through. 

From tagliatelle, pappardelle and maccheroncini, to tagliolini, agnolotti, ravioli and gnocchi (just to name a few) our experienced chefs have mastered the delicacy, patience and skill required to perfect fresh pasta making, that truly sets us apart from the competition. 

Cure those comfort food cravings this winter and retreat inside Cecconi’s Flinders Lane for a wholesome lunch or hearty dinner featuring the best handmade pasta in Melbourne.

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