Our Top Cocktail Choices at Cecconi’s

At Cecconi’s we love a reason to celebrate with a cocktail in hand. Whether it’s for date night, special occasion or simply for the love of good food and company; making memories wouldn’t be complete without a delicious drink to match. 

Our extensive menu offers a lot of choices, from sweet to sour, low to full strength and everything in between, so it’s understandable that finding the perfect seasonal drink can be overwhelming.

Luckily we’ve taken the hard work out of choosing and popped together an easy guide offering our top cocktail selections per season.

Ah, Summer. When our fair city of Melbourne is basked by long, bright sunny days and balmy evenings.  During this sociable time of year, we recommend a drink that is light, flavourful and appropriate for any occasion, whether it be afternoon sips in sun with friends or at the family’s annual Christmas celebration. May we introduce our spritz selection! We’re sure you’re no stranger to an aperitif, encompassing everything that is light-hearted, fun and energetic about the warmest time of the year. Made from parts Prosecco, soda water and either fruity Aperol or slightly bitter Campari, this low-alcohol, refreshing crowd pleaser is commonly known as ‘Italy’s drink.’ 

At Cecconi’s we love this time of year. When leaves start to fall, days grow shorter and nights start to cool off in preparation for winter.  It’s time to move away from intense fizz and opt for something a little smoother to transition you through to the cooler months. Here we recommend a traditional Amaretto Sour.

Don’t let the name fool you, the smooth and sweet flavour accompanied by a touch of herbal notes in the perfect way to warm up on a cool evening without being too heavy on the palette. This drink is perfect on its own for both occasional cocktail drinkers or more dedicated cocktail enthusiasts. 

Winter in Melbourne is not for the faint hearted. For those who must brave the cold days and almost sub-zero evenings, we know you’ll be seeking refuge inside a cosy restaurant with an equally comforting cocktail to match.  

For decades spirit enthusiasts have favoured straight whiskey or bourbon as a means to warm up the senses in the coolest of temperatures. Our Lemon, Honey and Whisky Sour is a social take on this tradition that is both warming and hearty, but with an equally sweet and sour twist. Perfect for sipping after work or as a post dinner nightcap, this will soon be your go-to winter drink.

For many, Spring is the most beautiful time of year. The sun starts to shine a little brighter, flowers are in full bloom and many of us start to retreat from winter hibernation and embrace a social drink or two in the sunshine. May we suggest a classic Cosmopolitan to accompany your friendly catch-ups?  The fruity flavours from cranberry juice, lime and triple sec are perfectly balanced by the strength and soothing burn of quality vodka. All making for a refreshing yet sophisticated drink you can sip on from day to night. 

Ready to try our selection? Make sure you pop into Cecconi’s for a delicious drink, paired with our beautiful selection of modern-day Italian food.

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